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Lean Six Sigma Training

We offer a formal training curriculum that provides organizations the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively improve their operations. We teach you how to use CPI tools and techniques to evaluate your processes in detail, from the point of customer need recognition to customer satisfaction. You will learn ways to reduce wait time, delays and cost, while increasing customer satisfaction, revenue and repeat purchases. 

Lean Six Sigma Project Sponsor Training is a 1/2 day course designed for senior management to equip them with the strategies and knowledge on how to successfully sponsor a Continuous Improvement (CI) project. Attendees learn how to align their organization’s priorities to actionable projects and have a better understanding of the role they play in supporting CI projects so that they stay on track. They will also learn how to avoid common mistakes from failed deployments.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training is a 2-day entry-level course in the Lean Six Sigma methodology, which combines principles from Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma to improve processes, reduce waste, and increase efficiency. It is designed to provide individuals with a foundational understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles and prepare them to contribute effectively to process improvement projects within their organization. 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training is a 5-day course geared towards developing project leads and Continuous Improvement (CI) practitioners who are proficient in the DMAIC problem solving framework, waste identification, process mapping, basic statistical tools, and project-level change management. It is a combination of instructor-led presentations, interactive exercises, case studies, and hands-on project work to reinforce learning and application of CI concepts. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to lead process improvement projects within their organization.